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Duvets, Pillows and Mattress Toppers

We spend at least 35% of our lives snuggled under a duvet...

When did you last have your duvet, pillows or mattress topper cleaned?

We probably don’t need to remind you that every day our body sheds millions of skin cells - many of these while we're asleep at night - and we can also lose a litre of sweat during a typical night's sleep. Due to the mixture of dead skin and sweat our bedding is often made up of dust mites, which can produce droppings that trigger itchy eyes and asthma – as well as being the breeding ground for up to 16 other forms of bacteria.

Experts recommend that Duvets should be cleaned at least every six months and 3 months for children’s Duvets in an effective process to ensure the removal of allergens that are present.

We have a range of high capacity laundry machines which are also suitable for duvets, mattress toppers and pillows.

Best of all there is no need to haul your duvet to a laundrette just give us a call, email or book on our online booking system and we will collect and deliver back to you all clean and sterilised in 2 working days.

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